L’innovazione sociale è spesso opera della perseveranza, più che della rivoluzione

Agostino Riitano, cultural manager and social innovator is the author of the book “Sud Innovation”, which is a reflection on social innovation applied to the management of cultural heritage, in particular on the southern Mediterranean reality. It is a study on some projects proposing a new model of wealth management, voted to social relations regeneration and active and collaborative use …

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Feste e tradizioni del Mezzogiorno. La festa di S. Agata a Catania

From February 3rd to 5th Catania city consacrate to Sant’Agata, patron saint of the city a huge party. The Sant’Agata relics are tirelessly followed by hundreds of people dressed with the traditional “sack” (white tunic tight with a ribbon, black cap and white gloves). The relics are followed by the “cerei” or “cannalori”, high wood columns representing the city the art …

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“È una questione di coscientizzazione”: relazioni tra consumatori e produttori

During our in-depth path into the farmer culture, we focused mainly on local seeds recovery practices and on cultivation of community gardens, which foster the meeting of people and the production of healthy food. Let’s start the new year deepening another dimension interesting as well: the relation between consumers and producers. First of all, we will tell the Eulalia Toffolo …

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La Cooperazione in Europa – I parte

The 2015 has been the European Year of Development, the same year when the world expected to reach the Millennium Goals. The article is the first in a series of papers based on the topic of Cooperation; today the topic is treated focusing on the several European programmes funding the different type of cooperation. The main group of EU programmes …

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