Comprando si impara. L’esperienza di Gasdottò

The GAS are ethical purchasing groups born from the initiative of citizens who gather to practice together the trade of foodstuffs, guided by ethical principles. In particular, these groups are based on a direct relationship between producers and consumers, which favors organic food, produced from small local companies and in fair working conditions. Gasdottò is an active group born in …

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MEET Project Società Cooperativa Sociale a r.l.

Sede legale: Viale Pio X n.216/E – 88100 Catanzaro (CZ)

P.IVA/C.F.: 03537920799

Per info:

email: amministrazione@meetproject.org

PEC: meetprojectsociale@pec.it

  T. +39 3921181787

Contatto D.P.O.: Claudia Foresta – c.foresta@meetproject.org