Greenrail: l’ecostosenibilità su rotaia

MEET Project loves to tell about entrepreneurship especially when these enterprises are able to deliver a positive impact on the environment. Greenrail is the perfect example of an young italian SME producing an actual impact on our life and on mobility, namely the train industry, The Greenrail ecosustainable sleepers are going to revolutionize the train mobility thanks to its exclusive …

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Benefit corporation anche in Italia: il for- profit che fa la differenza.

A Benefit Corporation (B-corp) is a company whose innovative feature is its dual purpose: the division of profits and the pursuit of a social purpose; it acts then both in the interest of its members and the community. The social purpose is therefore included in for-profit enterprises, seen as a benefit for the workers, the environment and the society. The b-corp model, …

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The 349 co-working spaces in our country (Talent Garden, COWO, Impact Hub, Casa Netural) meet some major needs of our time, as the increase of wandering workers, the need to reconcile work and private life, and a labour market that pushes to self-employment. Always more people under 35, or over 40, decide to use these spaces to cut costs and …

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Sperimentazioni editoriali: MEET Magazine

About two months after the publication of the first article on MEET Magazine, we would like to relate about our editorial experimentations. We are a group of young Calabrians and we created a few months ago the Association MEET project, whose goal is “to provide new eyes to reinvent old lands”; this statement is explained by the fact that, after …

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Maker Faire – L’ultima frontiera del saper fare

  The Maker faire staged in Rome, at “La Sapienza” University from 16th to 18th October, presented some of the latest technological devices. The exhibition space, composed of 25 pavillons, was joined by hundreds of young people coming from all over Italy to find out the new inventions that are going to change the way we live, and to meet …

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