The 349 co-working spaces in our country (Talent Garden, COWO, Impact Hub, Casa Netural) meet some major needs of our time, as the increase of wandering workers, the need to reconcile work and private life, and a labour market that pushes to self-employment. Always more people under 35, or over 40, decide to use these spaces to cut costs and …

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MEET Project Società Cooperativa Sociale a r.l.

Sede legale: Piazza Montenero II trav. n.2 – 88100 Catanzaro (CZ)

P.IVA/C.F.: 03537920799

Per info:

email: amministrazione@meetproject.org

PEC: meetprojectsociale@pec.it

  T. +39 328 7339483

Contatto D.P.O.: Stefano Lo Iacono – s.loiacono@meetproject.org