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Speak Well – Training course in Gdansk

ERASMUS+: Speak Well project in Poland

Training course for youth and social workers funded by the Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 1

MEET Project parteciperà, su invito dell’associazione Futuro Digitale, nei giorni fra il 2 e il 9 Ottobre a Gdansk in Polonia al progetto di scambio fra operatori giovanili sul tema della discriminazione e sui discorsi d’odio, dal titolo Speak Well.

Di seguito alcune info specifiche sul progetto:


The project consists on international training (Poland, Gdansk, 6 days) of the subject of hate speech prevention. The result of the project will be skill development – mostly of non-formal education methods of professionals working with youth as well as tolerance, openness and European values promotion.

Participants of the project are 23 youth leaders/youth workers from 7 European countries (educators, psychologists, teachers, lawyers, social workers etc.). Participants work with youth in their every-day professional activity – also with young people socially excluded or on the margin of social exclusion – which have strong tendency to intolerance and negative receipt of minorities and other people and groups which do not fit into common schemes.

Activities which will take place in the project (workshops, field game, social campaign, discussions, trainings etc.) are aimed of broadening knowledge and improving skills concerning hate speech prevention and intervention, gaining new working tools – and as a result improvement of work with youth quality.

Activities will be based on non-formal education methods both as a tool of work with youth and of training for professionals. International network built in the project will be continued in other projects both addressed to youth and to youth workers.

The partnership:

COORDINATOR: Fundacja po DRUGIE – Poland


Asociacija „Apkabink Europą“ – Lithuania

Futuro Digitale – Italy

S4YD – Romania

Association WalkTogether – Bulgaria

AKTO – Portugal

Green Spirit – Greece

MEET project is in charge of representing Italy during the training course, in particular we will focus on cyberbullying issues and how to work with minorities. The youth workers sent in Poland are: Elio Lobello, Aleardo Grandinetti and Rita Marino.

We presented a role play in which participants had the opportunity to experiment the process for the asylum request in Italy.