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Story of my origin – Training course in Czech Republic

Story of my origin – training course identity, oral history, community development

Liberec – Czechia, 20-28.05.2017 

Community Work

How and why should we work locally & Developing and executing projects on oral history and identity Working with stories and history to deal with prejudices, intolerance or xenophobia 

Partner countries of the project are:  Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia.


Aim of the training course is to equip participants with skills & knowledge of working with stories and Oral History. We will go through different aspects of such methodology. With the exchange of good practices and through the workshops with experts we will focus on the development of future initiatives and projects. 


• to learn specific techniques and methods of working creatively with Oral History and how to use them in practice 

• to raise the ICT skills of participants (photo, audio, video editing) 

Story of my origin 

• to raise the quality and quantity of common projects among participating organizations 

• to set-up a long lasting international partnership 

• to promote mutual respect and common understanding through working with stories 


In Liberec, one of the main cities of the Northern Czechia. It is nicely located, surrounded by mountains and located about 1 hour drive from Prague. We will be working and living directly in the city centre, close to the major city attractions. Accommodation will be provided in twin and triple rooms. 


The training course is dedicated to youth workers, youth leaders, youth educators, volunteers, teachers, NGO workers, local activists & all the people who have potential to use new methods which they will learn during the training course in their future work in their organisation or local community. From: Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. 


The overall idea of the training course is to provide learning space within which participants will be able to learn from each other with the support of facilitators and invited experts. To accomplish that different tools will be used, of course key am there will be to promote active learning of participants 

MEET project is in charge of representing the oral history tradition of the Mediterranean area of Europe especially from Calabria, which is at the centre of it, with its multicultural background made of Greeks, Arbereshe and Arabs. Youth workers sent in Czech Republic are: Alessia Mauro, Francesca Tarantino and Raffaele Rotundo.