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Yes, Experience It Yourself 4! – Training Course in Spain

Yes, Experience It Yourself 4! Training Course


“YES, experience it yourself 4!” is the fourth edition of a 6 days training course for 24 youth workers or youth leaders which aims to empower them in the field of support and accompaniment of youth social entrepreneurial projects. 

Since the last years in Europe, the promotion of entrepreneurship in youth work is a priority. Despite having good ideas, many young people don’t know the necessary tools to develop their entrepreneurial social projects; they need to be supported and accompanied to put in practice these projects. It has also been found that many workers in the field of youth are well prepared to motivate these youngsters, but they are not sufficiently prepared to support the implementation of the projects. 

That’s why, in this TC, the participants will: 

  •  Experiment in themselves the process of starting an entrepreneurial project.
  •  Analyze the key factors about motivation and the difficulties of the process they will experience. 
  • Empower themselves and increase their competences to be able to support the young people they are working with in these processes. 

During this project we will work with a wide spectrum of projects, from social local entrepreneurial projects to international projects, especially in the field of the Erasmus + programme. 


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